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About Yoxtel

Yoxtel is a calling service company founded by people who actually use calling services on a daily bases to keep in contact with families, friends and business partners. Yoxtel International Calling Service

After many years of rip-offs by calling cards and other calling service companies, we started yoxtel and our main focus is to utilize our software, data, network engineering expertise to harness the capabilities of the world wide web Internet connections to provide cost effective networks for making cheap local and international calls while passing the savings to you the end user.

At Yoxtel, we strive to provide highest quality of calls, cheap rates and total transparency of all charges. We are committed to helping you stay in-touch with people important to you around the globe at anytime. The yoxtel team is actively working hard to improve the services and features that make calling anywhere in the world hassle free and more affordable. And we're proud to note that we use only premium network connections, expect the best from clear pin-drop network connections.

As a calling service users ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways and ideas to advance user's experience and delivering the best network in telecom industry. If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact us at www.yoxtel.com/contactus.

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