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Features and Benefits

Making international phone calls is simple and cheap with Yoxtel calling services. Our rates are cheaper than most international phone calling cards and, our convenient features like PIN-LESS Dialing, Speed Dial, Direct Dial and online detailed call reports makes Yoxtel calling services the best choice.

Here are some of our features and benefits.

Quality connections and best lowest rates:
  We deliver your calls with premium network, the best quality of voice connection and We have the best international and local calling rates, see our rates page for details.
No pin number to enter:
  When you make calls with yoxtel, pin number is not required, your call is connected directly to your destination. it's a pin-less calling service.
No expiration on account and balance:
  Your account and balance remaining will not expire, but inactive accounts in the past 12 months are removed or cleaned out.
Simple online call reports:
  Your calls report is available online for your review anytime. There is nothing hidden about charges to your account.
Single minutes billing:
  Your calls are billed minutes by minutes,only minutes talked are billed.
Pinless Dailing:
Once your phones are registered, you will never have to dial a PIN to make low cost calls when using those phones. You can register up to 5 phones on a single account!
Speed Dial and Direct Dial:
With speed dial, you call any of the local access number and enter one digit speed dial number and your is connected. No more punching long international numbers. With direct dial, you call the access number you setup and your call is connected directly to the destination, no number to enter. These features are available to yoxtel customers, use anyone you like or both!
No Contracts:
Yoxtel is a pay-as-you-go calling service. Only recharge when you want, or use our auto-top-up feature with the confidence that you can terminate at any time.
Refill / Voucher Card:
  Use Yoxtel refill-voucher card to setup account, make calls or use it to top-up your existing account when credit card is not available. Purchase from anywhere calling cards are sold.
  Never wonder what you're being billed for or where you've called, you can view your payment transactions and call details online.


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