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Welcome to Yoxtel help page!
Here you will find several ways to help answer questions and resolve issues you might have with yoxtel calling services.

Frequently Asked Questions

  Are there additional fees and charges?

  • No. We do not charge for connection fee, disconnection fee, usage fee, weekly or monthly maintenance fees. We only charge for minutes used.

  Call connected but one person cannot hear the other.

  • If you notice this behavior, quickly hang-up / terminate the call. This may be caused by the destination carrier network or someone picked up the call and not speaking. Unfortunately, this is a valid call, hang-up immediately so that you do not lose your minutes. If this is happening many times, please contact us as soon as you can.

  Can I use this service from outside US?

  • Yoxtel is currently available only within USA and Canada.

  Can I use this service to make calls to international cell phones?

  • Yes, you can call any mobile and landline phone in the world.

  Can I use this service to make US domestic long distance calls?

  • Yes, you can use yoxtel service to make calls to any US destination number.

  Do you have ref-a-friend free credit ?

  • No we do not. Some companies may offer such credit for $1, $5 or even $10 but they WILL charge you more. (When have you gotten free minutes from Verizon or AT&T) ? You will pay back that money somehow. We chose not to engage in such sales gimmicks, instead we pass those savings to all our customers every time of the year not just one time. That's why we're cheaper than those companies. Also, we deliver only premium network services, the highest in voice over IP network communication. Connect with us and hear the quality-of-call (QOC) speak for itself.

  Forgot your login, password ?

  • <p>Goto www.yoxtel.com. <br /> Click [Login] on the upper right. <br /> Click [Forgot Your Password ?]. <br /> Enter the email address on your yoxtel account. <br /> Click [Submit]. <br /> <br /> Yoxtel will send your login information to the email address. <br /> Login to that email account and get your login infomation. <br /> If you did not see email from yoxtel in your inbox folder, <br /> check your spam or junk mail folders.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

  How do I add phone number to my yoxtel account?

  • There are two ways you can add phone number to you account. Option1: Login to your account, click (ADD CALLER ID) then enter the phone number you want. You can enter upto five phone numbers on the same account. Option2: Call any of the yoxtel access numbers with the phone you want to add to your account. You will get a prompt to enter your complete PIN NUMBER, enter your account PIN number and your done. Next time you use that phone to call yoxtel, you will be able to connect to your destination number.

  How do I change my login number?

  • You cannot change your system generated login number but you can use your email address to login. If you did not supply your email address during sign-up, contact us and request to update your email address. After it is updated, you will be able to login with your email address. Also, after login you can change your password to anything you can remember.

  How do I save my direct dial contact on my phone?

  • From your cell phone, create a new contact and enter the name of the person for the destination number you entered in yoxtel direct dial screen. Then enter the local access number you assigned to that destination number. When you want to call that person, find the persons contact on your phone and call and your call will be connected to the destination number.

  How do I save my speed dial contact on my phone?

  • <p>For example, if you setup mom for speed dial number1, create a new contact on your phone and enter mom1 and the access number you want to use (You can use the same access number for all your speed dials). The number 1 reminds you that mom\'s speed dial number is 1. So when you want to call mom, find mom1 on our phone contact and dial it, at the prompt to enter the destination number you want to call, then enter 1#.</p>

  How do I sign-up for yoxtel?

  • Signing up is free and simple. Just click on the sign-up link (above-right) and fill out the user information.

  How does Yoxtel charge?

  • Yoxtel only charges for calls that were connected, per minute by minute. No other fees are charged.

  How is my contact information used?

  • Your contact information is used by yoxtel system to manage your account. We do not share or sell your information to any 3rd party.

  How is my credit card information maintained ?

  • Yoxtel does not see or maintain any credit card information in our network system or facility. Our payment processing is currently handled by Paypal, the leader in online payment processing. We only send you to paypal website for payment and during that time, the connection channel is completely encrypted and secured with certified highest security encryption. No one in-between if any will ever see, capture or steal your personal information.

  What is pin-less dialing?

  • Pin-Less dialing is a yoxtel feature you can use by dialing any yoxtel access number and you're not prompted to enter any pin number, instead your phone number is recognized by yoxtel network.

  What is the format for dialing international number?

  • DO NOT ENTER 011. Only enter (Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number + #). Example: to call london, you would enter (447091239999#).

  What is your refund policy?

  • Your account must be closed before we can process a refund. We can only refund credit purchased with credit card or paypal. Please send us an email using the contact us page to request for a refund.

  Will my account expire?

  • Your account will not expire. Your credit balance will not expire even if its one penny remaining as long as the account is active in the past 12 months. Any account not active in the past 12 months are purged out of yoxtel system and any credit balance remaining will be purged out too.

  What is direct dial?

  • Direct Dial is a yoxtel feature, when setup you can just dial the access number used and your call will be connected to the destination number linked to the access number. Yoxtel network will not prompt you to enter any destination number. You can use any of yoxtel access numbers to setup direct dial numbers.

  How to setup direct dial in yoxtel?

  • Login to your account on yoxtel website and select (Direct Dial) from the menu on the left side. Select [Get Countries], select the country where you would like a direct dial number, select a number from the list below, select [Activate Number? Yes], enter the destination number you want to assign it to and click [Next]. Click [Ok] twice to save it.

  How to make call with direct dial?

  • You should have already setup a destination number to a yoxtel local access number for your direct dial. Just dial that local access number and your call will be connected to the destination number. If you saved the local access number on your mobile phone with a name, find that name and dial as any other number.

  What is speed dial?

  • Speed Dial is a yoxtel feature, when setup you can dial any of yoxtel access number and at the promt to enter the destination you want to call, you would just enter the speed dial code (example: 1#) and the call will be connected to the destination. You can setup upto 20 speed dial codes.

  How to make call with speed dial?

  • Dial one of yoxtel local access number, you will get a prompt to enter the destination number then enter the speed dial number + pound (#) you want to call. Example: Your mom who is on speed dial number 1, enter 1# when prompted to enter destination number.

  How do I make Call without speed dial or direct dial?

  • When you are ready to make call, just dial any of yoxtel local access number and you will hear a prompt to enter your destination number, then enter the number your want to call. Do not enter 011, just the (Country Code + Area Code + Number + #).

  What is voucher / refill card?

  • Voucher/Refill Card, is a yoxtel card you can purchase from your local retail store where phone cards are sold. You can use it to setup new account and add credit to your account. Or you can use it to refill/add credit to your existing account.

  How to create new account with voucher /refill card?

  • With your mobile phone, dial any yoxtel access number, your will be prompted to enter complete PIN number, enter as-is on the voucher card. You will hear message that you do not have enough credit. Hang up, and dial the access number again, this time you will get a prompt to enter voucher number, enter it as-is on the voucher card. You will again get message to enter voucher number, if you more vouchers enter it if not, hang up. You are now ready to make calls. If you call the access number again, you will get prompt to enter your destination number.

  How do I make calls with voucher / refill card?

  • Voucher / Refill card is not a calling card, you do not use it to make calls directly. Instead, you use it to add credit to your account if you already have a yoxtel account. If you do not have yoxtel account, use it to open a free yoxtel account then add credit to the account, then make calls as you would normally do by dialing any of our local access numbers. Be sure to destroy the voucher/Refill Card after use. (You do not want another person to use the PIN number on that card).

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